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The EIDA Italia node is the INGV managed datacenter that stores and distributes seismic waveforms collected by the INGV seismic networks and other Italian and foreign data providers among which the albanian IGEWE. The list of institutions that contribute with their seismic networks data to EIDA Italia can be found here. Data from other countries in the Euro Mediterranean area are collected directly by INGV and partners by the MedNet network.

The European Integrated Data Archive EIDA is an initiative within ORFEUS, constituting a distributed federation of data centers established to securely archive seismic waveform data and metadata gathered by European research infrastructures, and provide transparent access to data for the geosciences research communities. INGV constitutes one of the EIDA founding nodes since 2013, together with ODC/ORFEUS, GEOFON/GFZ/Germany, SED/Switzerland, RESIF/CNRSINSU/ France, and BGR/Germany. EIDA represents an important building block of the European Plate Observing System (EPOS), being one of the main EPOS services for seismology.

Partial support to the earliest stages of development of EIDA was provided by the Project S3 of the DPC-INGV (2007-2009) contract. The main funding is now provided by INGV and EPOS Italia.

Data and metadata are of the highest possible quality and distributed in real time.

The seismic stations must be located in a quiet place and can use any possible connectivity system available locally with varying degrees of availability, for this reason there may be data gaps in the archive. The published data can be subsequently integrated starting from a copy stored locally. Data versioning is not currently available in EIDA.