Rome - Mar, 22 2024 - Eida Italia - Published EIDA data entry protocol

The document relating to the EIDA seismic data entry protocol has been added in the Data Policy section.

The document was born from the need to establish quality criteria that data and metadata must satisfy in order to then be distributed externally via EIDA services.

The inclusion of data of modest quality or accompanied by uncertified metadata entails a degradation of the archive and therefore of the service provided to the Society and the scientific community, as well as the image of the INGV which manages it.

The document serves to define a clear and shared strategy for the inclusion of new networks or even individual stations in the EIDA system, via the Italian node.

Rome - Mar, 22 2024 - Eida Italia - Published release (1.2.3)

A new version of the EIDA Italia website has been released.

New features have been introduced, some libraries have been updated and few bugs have been fixed.

Added waveform display in "helicorder mode" and the ability to manually sort seismogram traces.

The News section has been introduced to comunicate news regarding the Italian EIDA node.

Added the possibility to insert the authentication token in the GUI for downloading seismic data under embargo (restricted data).

Transparently for the user, the format of the URLs that point to the various internal pages has been changed, making it more compact and simplified. This naturally also had repercussions on the landing pages relating to the published DOIs.

Finally, in the Data Policy section, the fundamental document on the data entry protocol of the EIDA Italia Node has been made public.

Rome - Jan, 24 2023 - Eida Italia - Published release (1.2)

A new version of the EIDA Italia website has been released.

Many features are developed:

  • A part of the GUI has been redesigned to improve its usability (also thanks to the feedback received from some users);
  • Seismic data quality analysis tools (Data availability and Quality Metrics) and waveform visualization tools (experimental function) have been introduced;
  • The list of virtual networks has been added;
  • A representation of the temporary networks has been introduced, indicating the reference year;
  • The web service offered by the ingv data portal has been integrated, for retrieving information on DOIs (special thanks go to Mario Locati and Simone Marzorati for their collaboration);
  • The functionality to set the site language based on the default browser language has been added;
  • The site map has been redesigned.

Rome - Dec, 10 2020 - Eida Italia Online

We are pleased to inform you of the publication of the new EIDA Italia node website, which can be reached at the link https://eida.ingv.it.

The EIDA Italia node is the data center managed by INGV which archives and distributes the data acquired from the INGV seismic networks and from the seismic networks of other Italian and foreign operators, such as the Albanian IGEWE.

INGV has been one of the founding nodes of EIDA since 2013, together with ODC (ORFEUS), GEOFON (GFZ, Germany), SED (ETHZ, Switzerland), RESIF (CNRS-INSU, France) and BGR (Germany) . EIDA represents an important building block of the European Plate Observing System (EPOS), being one of the main EPOS services for seismology.

The new site intends to enhance the contributions of all those who provide seismic data both within INGV and outside the institution, proposing itself as a tool for consulting data and landing pages of the DOIs of the various networks.

Further site updates are planned for 2021 with the presentation of seismic data quality analysis tools.

The national EIDA data portal represents the work of all those who install seismic stations and collect their data, both of those who have worked in the past and will do so in the future, as well as of colleagues in the Data Archive and Sharing Functional Unit of the ONT which guarantees the integrity and consistency of the data. Many thanks go to all of them.